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Homeopathics for Headaches

Homeopathics for Headaches

Homeopathic medicine, the longest established alternative medicine to come out of Europe, was created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. These remedies are unique because they have specific characteristics that each can treat. 

Belladonna one of my favorites, especially for headaches. It is also a great children's remedy, which I use this a lot in the pediatric population because it is very safe and effective for kids. 

Belladonna acts upon every part of the nervous system. It is beneficial when congestion, twitching or pain are associated with a headache. Other key symptoms include sudden throbbing, heat, pain and fullness in the forehead, occiput, and temples. Pain that is worse with light, noise, or worse on the right side when lying down or worse in the afternoon also responds well. If the headache is relieved by pressure, standing, sitting, or leaning backwards, then belladonna is a perfect remedy. In addition to headaches, it also relieves spasmodic pain the the epigastrium, nausea, vomiting, hemorrhaging with menses, and pain in the neck and lumbar regions. 

Nux vomica is a favorite of mine. In addition to being among my favorite topical headache and migraine products, I also use it quite often by itself as an individual remedy. It works great for any sort of mental strain that results in a headache. You can use nux vomica when you cannot bear noises, lights, or odors. Also, if your headache has you feeling irritable or feels like somebody is driving nails through your head and you do not want to be touched, reach for this remedy. It is a go-to for anybody who gets a headache from alcohol, coffee or even being in sunshine. For our female patients with early onset menses, excessive bleeding, or irregularity, I have utilized nux vomica to help.

Iris versicolor is another beneficial homeopathic medicine. This is great for what we describe as a “sick headache” and beneficial for patients with blurred vision or headaches after eating sweets. I recommend that you cut out the sweets, but for those patients that will not do this, iris versicolor is an option if they develop a headache.

Sanguinaria canadensis is a fascinating remedy with uses ranging from headaches to treating cervical dysplasia. Utilizing sanguinaria topically with the other remedies lessens perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Commonly, headaches that are worse on the right side are relieved by sanguinaria. It also works beautifully for pain in the occipital region that spreads upwards and over the eyes.

Last but not least is menthol. Many of us have been using topicals with menthol in them for a very long time. This is great for not only the frontal headache but for those sinus headaches that we have involving the eyes. So, when we have congestion not only in the nasal cavity, but also in the oral cavity this can help remove some of that congestion to decrease the severity of the headache. 

When a headache has a muscular component coming from the cervical region, menthol can help soothe the discomfort as well as provide the cool sensation that most patients love to feel. 

Four of these fantastic homeopathies have been combined  into one easy to apply topical gel! Stopain® Clinical Migraine and Headache is packaged in single application gel packets. The gel is applied to the back of the head below the occiput as well as behind the ears, penetrating quickly. If symptoms persist after 30 minutes, an additional packet can be applied as needed up to four times daily. It offers patients the convenience of simple application at home. The minute the headache comes on, this product can stop it in its tracks. 

Since some of the homeopathies are also great for menstrual pain and discomfort, applying this product over the pelvis for cramps and pain is beneficial. Unless you have a sensitivity to something that is in this product, there are no contra indications. 

Homeopathic medicine has been a terrific addition to my treatment protocols to achieve maximum benefits. Safety, ease of use and positive outcomes make them a consistent recommendation, especially for those suffering from headaches. 


Dr. Cindy M. Howard is in private practice in Orland Park, Illinois and does private consulting for doctors wanting to increase their functional medicine practice, improve communication to increase patient adherence and help with clinical cases. You can reach Dr. Howard at or 708-479-0020.