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Donald C. DeFabio


Dr. Donald DeFabio is in private practice in Berkeley Heights where he hosts seminars on a multi modal approach to Chiropractic as well as a CCSP to Rehab Diplomate program. His exercise protocols can be found on his You Tube Channel that has over 37K subscribers. For more information or to subscribe to his rehab tips newsletter visit

Stopain® Clinical is a game changer for pain control in the office and excellent for patients to use at home. I keep clinic size dispensers in every treatment room making it quick and easy to apply. Once the mechanism of action is explained to the patient and they feel the difference, patients ASK ME if they should use it at home for muscle tightness and pain control. By using Stopain® Clinical on every visit it sells itself! We keep the patient sizes displayed at the front desk to dispense where it helps with our bottom line.

For headache patients, we apply the first dose of Stopain® Clinical Migraine & Headache in the office and recommend a second dose at home later in the day and if needed the next morning. Headache patients need it at home for immediate application to stop migraines at the onset. Using Stopain® Clinical products on every patient visit has it selling itself at the front desk.