Stopain. Exactly what it does.®

The Stopain Clinical line of pain-relief products proudly offers a variety of in-clinic and at-home size options that work on contact to provide fast, long-lasting relief from sprains, strains, bruises, arthritis, muscle aches, and joint and back pain. Stopain® Clinical, enhances massage and soft tissue therapy and can be used with ultrasonic gels and equipment.

Stopain Clinical Gel

Penetration enhancers provide fast pain relief in a unique sweat resistant formula that leaves skin feeling smooth. Comes in in-clinic and at-home sizes.

Stopain Clinical Spray

Stopain Clinical 4 fl. oz. Spray

The 360-degree spray allows you to apply at any angle for targeted, on-the-go pain relief. No-drip, non-staining formula.

Stopain Clinical Roll-on

Roll on immediate, penetrating pain relief with the soothing applicator and keep your hands clean!

Stopain Migraine Gel

Stopain Migraine

Stopain Migraine is the first topical product to effectively relieve migraine pain. It is a safe alternative to other migraine relief products that begins to work as soon as it’s applied.